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Yokogawa YTA50/70 Two Wire Head Mount Temperature Transmitter

Yokogawa YTA50/70 Two Wire Head Mount Temperature Transmitter

The YTA70 delivers all the benefits found in the YTA50 while adding HART® digital protocol communication. The HART® protocol allows you to conveniently configue the transmitter using the latest FDT/DTM technology. The YTA70 is the choice for all your control applications.

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Yokogawa YTA50/70 Two Wire Head Mount Temperature Transmitter

YOKOGAWA YTA70 Temperature Transmitter

The YTA70 is a head mount type of temperature transmitter that accepts thermocouple, RTD , ohms or

DC milivolts input and converts it to a 4 to 20 mA DC signal for transmission. The YTA70 conforms to the standard DIN formB head mounting. The YTA70 supports HART  ® communication protocol.


Power Supply Effects : ± 0.005% of FS per Volt

RFI Effects

Tested per EN 50 082-2, field intensity up to 10 V/m.

EMC Conformity


Input Type, Span and Range

Selection from thermocouples (T/C), 2-, 3-, and 4-

wire RTDs, ohms and DC milivolts. See Table 1 on

page 2.

Maximum Zero offset

±50% of selected maximum value

Input Resistance (for thermocouples, mV)

10 M?, or 3 k? at power-off

Input Lead Wire Resistance (for RTD, ohm)

5 ? per wire or lower

Sensor Burnout

High or Low


Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC


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